Developing Innovation capability - "Making Innovation Real & Repetitive"






September 17-20, 2019

Zürich? / Barcelona?



October 28-31, 2019

San Francisco / USA


Today, great ideas are everywhere. Execution is nowhere near what business have in mind. Over 70% of business transformation project fails at the execution. The major causes are the lack of business & IT alignment, lack of commitment, underestimated project complexity, and inability to prioritize scope. ‘These elephants in the room’ makes enterprises extremely difficult to drive their transformation. This leadership program is aimed to help rising leaders re-think innovation as a journey and find out a pragmatic way to make innovation easier, predictable, and INNOVATION = CREATIVITY + EXECUTION.





 Learning Goal:

  • Understand various nature of innovation and success factors
  • Innovation methodology: Innovation process and tools
  • How to facilitate and design an innovation process
  • Clear understanding of leaders’ role to make innovation real & repetitive
  • Apply innovation process and tools on real case
  • Experience the challenges and critical succus factors to apply innovation process and tools
  • Able to create a pragmatic plan for trainees’ organization, with the support from experienced coach.