Hosin Min

CEO & Co-Founder

ROCK15 Inc. Silicon Valley, CA, USA



Hosin Min is the CEO & Co-founder of Rock15 Inc.  He has a mission to help customers ‘make innovation real and predictable.’ Prior to Rock15, he worked as a Global Head of Envision Practice for SAP Value Prototyping Center of Excellence. He developed the Envision methodology with 2 professors and practiced more than 200+ critical customer projects over the past 11 years with SAP. He helped SAP customers aligned ideas with their vision and strategy, define viable business scenarios and solution, and jump-start to build innovation capability in their organization.

Prior to joining SAP, he finished his MBA in Emory University.  He also worked for LG CNS (joint venture between LG Group and EDS, mainly focusing on the public sector projects) in multiple roles: business development manager, software engineer. In 1996, he served military as a transportation manager for 2 years.



Jeremy Thomas

CEO & Founder

Carom, Silicon Valley, CA USA


Jeremy Thomas is CEO & Founder of Carom. His drive? A believe that innovation needs a catalyst. Something to activate a new model, or to reinvent an old one. We share a fundamental willingness to get our hands in the dirt of the creative process. Our team is invested in yours, working alongside the talent you’ve assembled to help direct energy and resources to the right places. Our  job is to help you step off of expected paths and away from methodologies that mire companies in old ways of thinking and develop ideas that fit real-world circumstances to create the most value for the most people. Over Jeremy’s 20-year career he has led innovation initiatives at some of the world’s most influential companies, including SAP, Johns Hopkins University, Warner Bros., HP, Intel and eBay, to name a few. With Carom he continues that work, freed from the confines of conventional thinking that stifle creativity and too often champion dogma over useful, real-world application.